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Presenting a new value proposition that scales digital native music and lifestyle brands through ott (over the top) content creation and marketing.  Zerbert Music and Lifestyle is the joyful expression of entrepreneur, brand communicator, and independent producer Margo Drgos that intersects the performing arts, entertainment, and broadcast media industries.

Her career began working as a public relations professional in emerging financial markets during the Napster era and the first dot com bubble.  It was a time when the RIAA was suing grandmothers for pirating music on illegal bittorrents, Myspace became a record label, and YouTube executives were begging musicians to post their videos on their platform.  Also artists like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, The National, and Interpol were becoming international names while still playing the clubs in Brooklyn and downtown NYC she frequented.

She took the leap to self-employment by starting label services boutique Organic Entertainment in 2005;  functioning as a publicist, college radio promoter, marketer, and project manager for artists working in various genres and formats.  She added independent distribution, licensing, and club/festival booking to her model before closing formally in 2011. Media formats continued to shift quickly thanks to technology and thereby said business models became obsolete just as quickly. 

Foreseeing trends toward direct deals with artists through the new use of nascent platforms like MySpace and YouTube to market, promote, and grow an audience as well as the eponymous release of Radiohead‘s  In Rainbows in 2007 as a gateway to retooling traditional distribution models, the work moved her to Los Angeles in 2010.

Over the past decade, she began developing, writing, and pitching unscripted/reality television docuseries concepts as a means to monetize streaming music. Inspired by Jay-Z’s visionary collaborative campaign with lifestyle brand Nivea and pop singer Rihanna; she envisions a new future for independent music built on a trustworthy, and sustainable symbiosis between bands, brands, and their audiences. That vision now extends to the ott marketplace; anticipated to grow to $169 billion in revenues by 2023.